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Hot Spot (Hot Spring)

Hot Spot Quick Reference Table

2000 to 2002
(RE, SE, RLX, SLX, SLXtra)

2003 to 2005
(Mallorca, Sorrento, Trinidad, Tobago)

2006 to 2014
(La Palma, Mallorca, Relay, Rhythm, Sorrento, SX, Tempo, Trinidad, Tobago, TX)

2010 to 2011
(Dash & Sprint)

2015 to 2019
(Relay, Rhythm, Stride, Tempo)


Sundance Quick Reference Table

2005 to 2007
780 (Bahia, Caprio, Cayman, Camden Certa, Chelsee, Hamilton, Lagunas, Metro, Palermo)

2005 to 2014
880 (Altimar, Aspen, Cameo, Capri, Majesta, Marin, Maxxus, Optima)