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Hot Tub Electrical Safety

Hot tub fires can be caused by equipment malfuctions, loose or rusty electrical connections, and even
rodents chewing on wiring.

"The most inclusive and direct interpretation of “electrical fire” is a fire involving some type of electrical failure or malfunction. Any equipment powered by electricity can have such a failure." -The National Fire Protection Association (

A hot tub is a "high-current" appliance which means it uses a lot of electricity. Measured as Amps, the amount of electrical current an appliance uses determines the size of the breaker and wiring required. More Amps means bigger breakers and bigger wire. It also means increased chances of electrical fire.

When electricity runs through a wire it generates heat. You can see this effect used deliberately inside any toaster. Hot, glowing wires inside a toaster is a good thing. Hot glowing wires inside the walls of your house or inside your hot tub...electrical fire.

In my experience, hot tub electrical fires can be caused by:

  • Under-sized wire
  • Loose or corroded connections
  • Unprotected wire rubbing against metal edges
  • Rodent damage (insulation chewed off wires)
  • Equipment malfunction (obsolete heat exchangers)

This tub caught fire after rats damaged the insulation on the 220 Volt input power lines. If the wiring had been protected by conduit, this fire would have never happened.

Hot Tub Fire Caused by Rodents

The rats had also dug tunnels throughout the foam insulation and hollowed out several chambers filled with dry nesting material such as leaves and grass.

The fire started in the equipment area but quickly followed these tunnels to every corner of the cabinet.

The fire department responded to reports of a thick, black column of smoke. Several neighbors initially thought a small plane had crashed. Firefighters wore pressurized masks because burning plastic gives off a lot of toxic fumes. The fire department saved most of the deck and the house but the tub was a total loss.

Regular inspection can help prevent electrical fires

Loose wires...
...can cause hot tub fires
Electrical meltdown on a heater relay board
Electrical meltdown inside a breaker box

Wiring and related electrical equipment cause 63% of household fires and 50% of fire related deaths.

Electrical faulure or malfunction caused an estimated 47,820 residential structure fires in the U.S. between 2007 and 2011 causing more than 450 deaths, 1500 injuries and almost $1.5 Billion in property damage.

Home Electrical Fires

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