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Simple Hot Tub Chemistry

  1. Hot Tub Chemistry Fundamentals

  2. Why you can't treat a portable hot tub like a Swimming Pool

  3. Total Alkalinity & pH

  4. Sanitize & Oxidize

  5. Step-by-Step Hot Tub Chemistry Checklist with dosage tables

  6. Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Selector

  7. Hot Tub Chemical Damage

Hot Tub Water Conservation

Hot Tub Electrical Safety

Captain Risky's Hot Tub

Ad watchdog rules against Captain Risky home insurance for hot tub scene being too risky. A Budget Direct TV ad featuring Captain Risky has been banned by the ad watchdog due to the unsafe behaviour depicted around a hot tub and electrical equipment.

A complaint against it argued it portrayed a serious safety hazard in a trivial way.

680.22 Area Lighting, Receptacles and Equipment

If you have to stand in the water to change the channel, replace the bulbs or service the air's too close.

The flat panel is gone but you can still touch two electrical outlets while standing in the tub.

The covers are weather proof. They're not (sitting in the hot tub) child proof.

680.12 Maintenance Disconnect

If you have to remove the hot tub cover to open the's probably too close.
If you have to stand in the water to work on the wiring...

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) breaker will protect you from shock.
(Unless you're sitting in the water when you try to reset the breaker)

680.44 GFCI Protection

(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: Trips if there is electricity in the water.)

If the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is tripping:
99.9% Chance there is electricity in the water
00.1% Chance it's a false alarm and just a bad GFCI
00.0% Chance removing or bypassing the GFCI will 'fix' it

Arc-Fault breakers to not provide Ground-Fault protection.


680.6 Grounding

The white arrow on the green label shows where the Ground missing wire should go.
If the Ground wire is missing, loose or corroded, the water can carry stray voltage.

680.8 Overhead Conductors

Overhead power lines, phone lines, coaxial cable, and even computer networking can carry enough electricity to cause shock injuries when you're standing in a big bucket of water.
(Especially if all that wire attracts lightening)

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