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COVID-19 Pandemic Disrupts Supply Channel
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Hot Tub Repair Delays

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You'll never forget living through the Great Toilet Paper Shortage but did you know there is also a shortage of hot tub repair parts?

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic many hot tub and spa manufacturers and parts distributors shut down as non-essential busiensses. Assembly lines closed for several weeks and factories laid off workers.

Shortly thereafter, when you were stuck at home the first week or month or quarter of the stay-at-home order, you may have looked out the back window and remembered you owned a hot tub and suddenly a good, long soak sounded like a great idea.

In fact, it was such a good idea everybody else with a hot tub was thinking the exact same thing at almost the exact same time.

Everybody stuck at home all day suddenly wanted working hot tubs but repair parts were limited to 'stock on hand' since the factories were not producing new inventory. By June of 2020, the supply channel began to run out of the most common hot tub repair parts.

Simultaneously, everybody who had vacation plans for the next year or two canceled travel plans in favor of a 'staycation' in the security and privacy of their own home. People who did not own hot tubs began a buying frenzy and hot tub dealers quickly ran out of inventory.

Since hot tub factories and parts suppliers have reopened, the limited supply of hot tub parts is stretched between hot tub owners needing repairs and new hot tub buyers. Since hot tub factories buy whole truckloads of parts at a time, the repair parts supply channel has experienced frequent shortages and long delays.

Thankyou for your patience

Hot Tub Industry & COVID in the News

Thinking about getting a pool or hot tub? Hot ticket items from 2020 still in high demand

There is an issue with the manufacturing of raw materials needed to build the Softubs, and supply can't keep up with the demand. The factories are also still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020, which also slowed down production, says Smith.

It's anticipated that pools and hot tubs will continue to be a hot-ticket item in 2021. Because there is currently a six-month waitlist for the Softub, Smith says...

Want a hot tub? You'll have to wait say N.J. retailers slammed by pandemic demand

Tired of sitting at home with not much to do, Craig Smith, of the Oak Ridge section of Jefferson, decided to splurge on a hot tub. When he placed the order in June with a vendor at a Sussex County fair, he had no idea it would be a six-month wait

Nevermind the livestock, make yourself a hot tub out of a stock tank

"The demand for hot tubs is more appreciable: Numbers are up 400% this year from last, according to Hickman, and hot tubs are largely backlogged six months."

Demand Heats Up for Hot Tubs

"Hot tub manufacturers and dealers in the Los Angeles area say they are experiencing a surge in demand, with one dealer reporting that sales in 2020 have tripled compared to 2019."

Slow production and skyrocketing sales affecting furniture and household businesses

"We're selling spas that we're putting into production in April of next year," said Land-O-Dreams Rochester owner Rick Liskow. "If someone wants a hot tub in 2021, they best be buying it within the next 3 to 4 months." Liskow said hot tub sales are up more than 300% this year as are other furniture sales.

Hot tub time delay: Reduced production prolongs delivery

"When the pandemic arrived in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of hot-tub manufacturers experienced shutdowns of four to eight weeks due to stay-at-home orders issued by their respective state governments"

Hot tubs are the hottest new COVID-19 trend and demand is outpacing supply

“We have run into some supply issues, as there have been production hold-ups from all manufacturers due to increased demand from retailers, as well as temporary production shut downs in March or April at the height of COVID-19,”

Okanagan hot tub sellers see huge upswing in sales

"That $10,000 family vacation turned into a hot tub for the backyard," Mike Toponce, a senior sales rep at Vernon's Premium Pool and Spa told "We're been ordering truckloads and they've been selling before they even arrive."

Pool and hot tub sales skyrocket during coronavirus

“With all of the travel restrictions people have all of that money saved up for that big vacation and they can’t go anywhere and it’s kind of burning a hole in their pocket so they are deciding to invest in their home.”

Covid leads to big demand for hot tubs and pools

"Sales are up anywhere from 50 to 200% depending on the retailer. The wait list at Nordic Hot Tubs in Kentwood has gone from 1 to 6 months on new orders which has also led to an increase in hiring."

Hot Tub Manufacturers Won't Catch Up On Orders Until 2021

"Inquires on pools have been five times what they've seen in previous years, while hot tub orders are at an 800% increase. This is while the manufacturers are working with 40% of their staff."

'We've sold out': Hot tub sales rise by 1,000% and suppliers struggle to keep up with demand as Britons spend more time and money in the garden

"Sales of hot tubs started to rise at the beginning of lockdown, jumping 276 per cent year on year from 22 March to 6 June on online auction site, eBay. However, the biggest jump in sales was between 5 to 11 April, the third week of lockdown, when sales were up a massive 1,080 per cent annually."

Swimming pool, hot tub sales boom for Springfield store amid pandemic

"Hot tubs are the big thing right now. They're flying out of here," said Springfield Pool and Spa operating manager, Edward White. "Hot tubs more than tripled for March and April..."