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Hot Tub Repair

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry

  1. Hot Tub Chemistry Fundamentals

  2. Why you can't treat a portable hot tub like a Swimming Pool

  3. Total Alkalinity & pH

  4. Sanitize & Oxidize

  5. Step-by-Step Hot Tub Chemistry Checklist with dosage tables

  6. Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Selector

  7. Hot Tub Chemical Damage

Hot Tub Water Conservation

Hot Tub Electrical Safety

Got Drought? Soak it Out.

Free Estimates*

If you just need a general idea of what it might cost to repair your hot tub, visit the Typical Repair Cost page.

E-mail and Text Estimates:

  1. Please, include the make, model and year if possible.
  2. Photos of the hot tub and equipment are always helpful.
  3. Explain what you know about the problem.

*Free Estimates are for general, information purposes only. Please, schedule a $95.00 On-site Troubleshooting & Inspection visit for guaranteed, written estimates.

Don't pour buckets of money into a hot tub that isn't worth fixing.

$95.00 On-Site Troubleshooting & Inspection

A simple estimate only tells you how much it will cost to fix a particular problem. It doesn't tell you if the tub is worth fixing or if your money will be well spent.

Free Estimate Sell Repairs

I conduct a complete inspection starting with electrical safety. I evaluate and test every system and component then provide a detailed, written report before offering an estimate. I'll give you all the information you need and answer all your questions so you can decide if a hot tub repair is the best choice.

Complete Inspection Sells   Expert Advice

Don't get soaked fixing one problem after another after anoter until you've spent enough money to buy a whole new hot tub.

Spend a little. Save a lot. Schedule a complete inspection and find out if it's worth fixing before you sepnd money on a major repair.

I work on all major hot tub and equipment brands:

Advanced Spa Design • Allegro/South Seas • AquaFlo • Artesian • Baja • Balboa • Barefoot • Beachcomber • Beachport • Bullfrog • Burboa •Cal Spa • Caldera • California Cooperage • Catalina • Charisma • Clearwater • Coast • Coleman • Columbia • Diamante • Dimension One • Dolphin • Dreammaker • Dynasty • Elite • Emerald • Garden Leisure • Gatsby • Gecko • Great Lakes • Hawkeye • Hot Springs • HydroQuip • HydroSpa • Icon • Image • Imperial • Infinity • Island • Jacuzzi • LA Spa • Laguna Bay • Leisure Bay • Life Spa • Maax • Marquis • Master Spas • Morgan • Nordic • PDC • Phoenix • Proform • Polynesian • QCA • Saratoga • Sunbelt • Sundance • Tiger River • Viking • Waterways • Weslo and many more...

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