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Free Hot Tub Repair Estimates*

$95.00 - Hot Tub Troubleshooting, Testing & Inspection

$145.00 - Routine Hot Tub Service with Drain-Clean-Refill

$385.00 to $525.00 - Hassle-Free Hot Tub Covers

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry

Free hot tub repair estimates

Free Hot Tub Repair Estimates*

If you just need a general idea of what it might cost to fix a portable hot tub visit the Hassle-Free Hot Tub Repair Estimates page for a complete breakdown of the most common portable hot tub problems and typical repair costs*.

Typical hot tub service & repair costs*:

See more Hassle-Free Hot Tub Repair Estimates

Typical hot tub lifespan: 15 to 20 years

Typical hot tub repair cost

Just like an old car, your old hot tub will eventually wear out and start costing more and more money every season just to keep it running. You can replace one part after another after another but when all the complex pipes and plumbing buried deep inside your hot tub wear out and start to's time to pull the plug.

Don't get soaked pouring buckets of money into a portable hot tub that can hardly hold it's own water!

Between 2006 and 2013 almost half of U.S. hot tub manufacturers went out of business

Your portable hot tub was built in a factory on an assembly line like any other appliance and, just like some major appliance brands, your hot tub manufacturer may have gone out of business after the foreclosure crisis. If your hot tub manufacturer has closed, some repair parts may be obsolete and no longer available.

Schedule a $95.00 Troubleshooting, Testing & Inspection visit to get a complete evaluation of your portable hot tub before you spend more money on parts and labor!

Learn more about Typical Hot Tub Lifespan

Find out if it's worth fixing before you spend money on repairs.

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*Free hot tub repair estimates are for information purposes only and do not constitute a binding contract. Actual cost may vary. Certain limitations apply. Schedule a $95.00 Troubleshooting, Testing & Inspection visit for guaranteed repair estimates.

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$95.00 Hot Tub Troubleshooting, Testing & Inspection

You can hire any hot tub repair company in town for a simple estimate but that only tells you how much it will cost to fix your current hot tub problem.

An estimate doesn't tell you if your hot tub is worth fixing before you spend money on the repair. Have you ever spent a pile of money fixing an old car and later realized it was a big, expensive mistake?

Don't get burned fixing one problem after another after another until you've spent enough money to justify buying a whole new hot tub. Schedule a complete Troubleshoting, Testing & Inspection visit to find out:

  1. How much will it cost to fix your hot tub today?
  2. How much will it cost to keep your hot tub running in the next few years?
  3. How long before you have to pull the plug on your old tub and haul it away?

Find out if it's worth fixing before you spend money on a repair!

Hot tub not worth fixing

The useful lifespan of your portable hot tub can be dramatically shortened by variables such as:

Learn more about typical hot tub lifespan

Some people pour buckets of money into a hot tub that's not worth fixing but that's none of my business

Variables such as chemical damage, federal safety laws, obsolete equipment, out-of-business manufacturers, multiple equipment problems, rust, rot, mold and rodent damage can all add up to hot tub that isn't worth fixing.

Don't shovel piles of money into a hot tub shaped hole! Find out first if your hot tub is worth fixing before you spend money on a repair!

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Biofilm builds up on portable hot tub plumbing

$145.00 Routine Hot Tub Service & Drain-Clean-Refill with Biofilm Flush

Routine Hot Tub Service prevents small problems from becoming big, expensive problems

Most hot tub owner's manuals recommend draining and refilling your hot tub every three or four months especially if you soak two or more times a week.

Every hot tub manufacturer recommends a routine hot tub service call at least once every year to ensure electrical safety and to prevent small, simple problems from becomming big, expensive problems.

Routine Hot Tub Service helps prevent rust, rot and mold

When you're soaking in your hot tub you can feel the vibrations from the powerful jet pumps right through the seats. These vibrations radiate through the entire tub and all the plumbing fittings and eventually loosen the connections between components such as pumps and heaters.

Loose fittings can create small, hidden leaks inside your hot tub cabinet that may never be obvious from the outside. Small, hidden leaks can trap moisture inside your hot tub cabinet eventuall leading to rust, rot and mold.

Prevent hot tub frame rot

A small leak at a loose fitting eventually rotted out the bottom frame of this hot tub.

Small, prolonged leaks deep inside the cabinet of your portable hot tub can slowly rot out wooden frames and rust out metal frames from the inside. By the time you see rot or rust on the outside... the inside is usually beyond repair.

Routine hot tub service includes inspecting and tightening all fittings in the equipment area to help prevent leaks that can cause rust, rot and mold.

Routine Hot Tub Service helps prevent electrical fire hazards

The same vibrations that can loosen plumbing connections and cause leaks will also loosen electrical connections which can damage expensive circuit boards and can even cause electrical fire.

Learn how faulty hot tub wiring caused the 2015 Valley Fire

Electrical fire in the confined space of a portable hot tub can smolder for hours or days before it burns through the siding and gets enough oxygen to burst into flames. Once all the plastic in a portable hot tub ignites it burns very hot, gives off thick clouds of toxic smoke and can be very difficult to extinguish.

Routine hot tub service includes inspecting and tightening all electrical connections to help prevent expensive circuit board damage and help preven electrical fires.

Prevent hot tub electrical fire

Loose electrical connections can start a fire that can be very difficult to extinguish inside the cabinet of a portable hot tub

Routine Hot Tub Service helps prevent rodent damage and disease

If you live anywhere in San Diego probably have mice and rats looking for a way to get inside the cabinet of your hot tub. It doesn't matter if your backyard is clean or cluttered. A portable hot tub is the perfect place for rodents to live rent-free and raise a family.

Rodents in your hot tub will dig tunnels and nesting chambers throughout the foam insulation. They also gnaw on pipes which can cause multiple leaks and they chew on wires which can cause electrical fire.

Rodents also carry a host of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Mice can carry Hantavirus which can be transmitted by inhaling the dust while cleaning up droppings. Rats can carry fleas that transmit plague.

Prevent hot tub rodent damage

Are you sharing your hot tub with a whole family of uninvited, unwelcome guests?

Under ideal conditions two rats can become 15,000 in just one year and the inside of your portable hot tub can quickly become a non-stop rat factory! A rat can have up to five litters per year and each litter can produce 12 to 14 new rats that are each ready to breed at 5-weeks-old!

Routine hot tub service can help identify and eliminate rodent activity before it becomes an out of control infestation.

Bio-Film Flush removes slimy deposits hidden deep in your hot tub pipes & plumbing

Biofilm is a layer of organic waste and bacterial slime that builds up inside the complex network of pipes and plumbing hidden deep inside the cabinet of your hot tub. Even the most carefully maintained hot tubs can build up biofilm especially in waterfalls, neck jets and any other jets that have been turned off.

Sticky, brown bio-film coating a hot tub flow switch

Sticky, brown bio-film buildup caused this hot tub flow switch to get stuck in the closed position which caused the heater to overheat triggering error codes.

If a plumbing line in your hot tub isn't flushed with clean, fresh water and sanitizer on a regular basis, the water trapped in that line will stagnate and is almost guaranteed to grow biofilm. You probably have biofilm if:

Bio-film flakes shooting out jets from dirty plumbing

Chunks of slime and bio-film flakes shooting out of jets from dirty hot tub pipes and plumbing

Biofilm Flush cleans your hot tub from the inside out and scrubs sticky deposits from the dark places hidden deep inside your pipes and plumbing.

Pour an ounce of prevention into your hot tub! Schedule a Routine Hot Tub Service at least once every year!

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Hassle-Free Hot Tub Covers and Responsible Recycling

$385.00 to $525.00*

You can order a hot tub cover online from a website but first you'll have to measure it and then you'll have to order it and then you'll have to be home for delivery and then you have to haul the new cover to the backyard and then...

What do you do if the color doesn't look right or the cover doesn't fit right???

Free Removal & Recycling of Your Old Cover!*

Even if your new on-line cover fits right and looks good... You still have to haul the heavy, waterlogged, moldy, stinky, dirty, falling-apart, old cover out of the backyard and somehow get rid of it.

Let us do the dirty work! We take all the hassle out of ordering a hot tub cover!

Need a new hot tub cover

Responsible Recycling

We remove the polystyrene (Styrofoam) cores of your old hot tub cover and recycle them at EDCO in Lemon Grove.

The large, Styrofoam cores are put in a compactor and compressed into tiny blocks and then recycled! You don't have to worry about your old hot tub cover sitting in the landfill for a century or somehow polluting the environment with plastic micro-particles.

Hot tub cover recycling

We even remove the aluminum support rails (and sometimes D.I.Y. hinges) and recycle all the metal parts at Miller Metals in El Cajon.

The only part of your old cover that will end up in the landfill at Miramar is the outer vinyl skin which is usually paper-thin, falling apart and already decomposing into dust before it leaves your backyard!

Hassle-Free Hot Tub Covers are manufactured right here in San Diego County so you're also supporting local workers at another local small business.

Hassle-Free recycling of your old hot tub cover

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*Must purchase new cover to qualify for free removal & recycling. Actual price may vary based on cover size, options and delivery distance.

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry: Test Strips, pH Down, Chlorine

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry:

  1. Test Strips
  2. pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate)
  3. Chlorine (Sodium Dichlor)
  4. Hydrogen Dioxide (A fresh batch of H2O a.k.a. water)

Yes... It really is that simple. You can keep your portable hot tub fresh, clean, clear and sanitary with just three products and the same, simple routine every time you sit and soak. Hot tub chemistry doesn't have to be complicated.

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry starts with the idea that a whole batch of water in a 400 gallon hot tub costs less than $3.00. Let that soak in for a minute...

Do the math yourself: Calcualte Hot Tub Refill Cost

Even here in San Diego with 'the highest water rates in the country' you can refill a 400 gallon hot tub for less than $3.00 worth of water! You can't buy a single pint or pound of any product sold to treat the water for less than $3.00.

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Routine:

  1. BEFORE each soak: SANITIZE
  2. Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Dosage Tables

  3. AFTER each soak: OXIDIZE
  4. Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Dosage Tables

  5. When in doubt: Drain it out...every three to four months or as needed:

Visit the Simple Hot Tub Chemistry page for more information on how you can maintain your portable hot tub with minimal chemistry, expense and complication.

Visit the Simple Hot Tub Chemistry Explained page for an in-depth explanation of pH, Total Alkalinity, the difference between sanitize and oxidize and the role of cyanuric acid in your covered, portable hot tub.

Simple Hot Tub Chemistry: Use Sodium Dichlor in small, measured, manual doses

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